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I’m sure this has been giffed before, but I just noticed this and oh my gosh. The amount of dedication, love, and adoration he has for two of the most important people in his life completely astounds me. With Scott, this is a boy he’s known since they were young enough to play in the sandbox (or so DOB says). And no matter what, even when he turned into a supernatural, yellow-eyed, super-awesome werewolf, he stuck by him and no matter what - NO MATTER WHAT, Stiles is there. And then you have Lydia Martin who he’s known since his young days as well - a girl who he’s worshipped and loved from afar for years. Who he’s developed a ten year plan for and would go as far as fifteen years to get her to love him. And over the years they have grown close, he’s shown a deeper devotion to her that goes beyond that puppy love. It’s a deep devotion only reserved for those who hold a piece of his heart and soul. And it’s a place that so very few are able to have despite Stiles’ beautiful and selfless heart of gold.

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April 16th: Camila, Ally and Lauren at the 1975 concert.

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100 Days Announcement - Season 3 (X)

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Fuck you and your shoulder waist ratio indeed.

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@AllyBrooke: Lovely day so far with Normani and Dinah (x)

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